Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai, Perak

If you are looking for a short getaway trip from the hustle and bustle of KL city, why not take an hour and a half drive to get steamy (literally) in some natural hot spring. Situated a few hundred kilometers North of KL, this a perfect place for you to spend your weekends in. You can make it a day trip or spend a night there.

Natural hot springs
Natural hot springs

We figured that the place would be crowded during weekends so we chose to go there on a Sunday, spend a night in Felda Residence Hot Spring with hopes that Monday we would wake up to a hot steamy hot spring all to ourselves. And our prediction = spot on! Plus, you get to enjoy low peak rates if you check in on Sunday.

Sunday evening by the hot springs
Sunday evening by the hot springs
Monday morning calmness
Monday morning calmness

So , we got there on Sunday, checked in and headed straight to the hot springs. We took an innocent looking bridge to get to the main attraction because it seemed more adventurous at that time. Little did we know, the bridge stretches out to quite a distance and half way through, I felt really uncomfortable with the heat. I thought it was from the blazing sun but later found out that the heat was actually from underneath us..Underneath the bridge!! The whole bridge is a natural walk-in open air sauna! Interesting indeed *wipes-sweat-off-face* .

Felda Residence
Felda Residence Hot Springs _ Location Map

Funny enough, you are welcomed with this: “Welcome to TRAP.” and you immediately go “What?! What trap?!” See the picture below for what the abbreviation is for.

Taman Rekreasi Air Panas _TRAP
Taman Rekreasi Air Panas _TRAP

The attraction there also includes a hot spring pool (my favourite because the temperature is just nice. slightly above 30C), mountain water pool (normal temperature) with water slides – suitable for family with kids, paid private hot spring jacuzzi (recommended for those in large groups), therapeutic park (more like reflexology, walking on hot stones) and egg boiling area.

Hot spring pool to chill
Therapeutic park
Therapeutic park


Oh, they sell lots of eggs at reasonable prices with kicap included. The only thing you need to worry about is your cholesterol level!! Mine is of course towards the higher end of the scale -_- . The food there is quite pricey so it is best that you pack your own food. We had a plate of nasi ayam which was way too much than what we would normally pay but we didn’t have a choice. It was edible, so no complaints there.

Eggs anyone? Boiling point!
Eggs anyone? Boiling point!

Ok now let me tell you about the buffet breakfast on Monday morning! It was like we were the guests of honour because of the following :

1. We were the first if not the only ones there.
2. The food selection was quite impressive. Choices of bread & toast, cereals, fruits, juices ..gah! I could have spent the whole day there!! Eggs & roti canai upon request. Thumbs up to the work force in Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai.

Here is the link to the resort and room rates if any of you are interested–>Β Felda Residence Hot Springs

I leave you with my faithful “model” who feels right at home and also a picture of a beautiful butterfly(insect?) which kept on following us.

"Home." says he
“Home.” says he
Keep an eye out for my next post _ Nepal Adventure.

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