Score Run 2017

I am not a runner. I can barely run 3km, finishing with a smile on my face. Early this year I signed up for Score Run 12km(thanks Azlan for the suggestion)..Fast forward to a few months later, inching closer to run date, i felt like i couldn’t do it. We changed from wanting to run 12km to just running 6km so many times.. 

Day before race day;

Went to pick up race kit from Gowrie and she convinced me to do 12km, instead of what was on my mind which was just to do 6km. She said, Sharm believed that we could do 12km instead. I had nightmares that night about having to run a never ending run while having mini arguments with myself about how i ended up here in the first place…Woke up at 4.45, and there i was headed for Berjaya Times Square. 

We started out with a steady pace, being very strict with this as we didn’t want to burn-out so fast.. the first 3km was a breeze..Then there were some uphills (where we just brisk walk) and downhills(where we ran, taking advantage of downhill) and it was a balance between brisk walking and slow jog for the next 6km. 

It is good to have a race buddy so that you could challenge each other, like “let’s run to that traffic light and then we walk.” And then you set the distance longer and longer. The last 3km however was really tough. That’s where my feet showed signs that they were tired..Slight cramps but still manageable.. and i kept on thinking 3km shouldn’t be that far why aren’t we there yet.. 

Bulldozed through the last kilometer, we manage to finish it within qualifying time and the feeling of crossing the finishing line is just satisfying.. i understand runner’s high now! And i am actually looking forward to more runs ❤❤❤

The run was well organised, water stations provided every few kilometers, roads were closed and safety officials were placed at relevant intervals. Only thing that could be improved on is maybe providing those portable toilet stations along the way. 

Til next runs then xoxo


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