Brradu Ola Oli

Don’t know what to get for Raya? Why not try the all new Lycra Wrap Kebaya set by Brradu!

Made from lycra and cotton lycra, this Kebaya is suitable for us living in this hot and humid country. Call me old fashioned but I love laces! These designs are adorn with laces and it’s absolutely classy and stunning.

There is also an element of flexibility with these Kebaya tops. You have an option of wearing them with their matching 3/4 bottom, or you can mix match it with leggings, or just wear it as it is so it becomes a wrap dress.

Another plus point for this Kebaya is that it is breastfeeding friendly.. apa lagi moms/expecting moms, this Kebaya is definitely for you..breastfeed in style ladies.

Priced at RM 359.00 for mummy and RM160.00 for baby, this is definitely one you could consider for raya.

Follow them at Facebook – Brradu or Instagram – Brradu

Here are snippets from Brradu’s recent photo + video shoot.

Imaan & Baby Imaan
Ellie & Baby Ellie
Jan & Baby Jan
Dina & Baby Dina
Syikin & Baby Syikin
Myra & Baby Myra

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