MHWH Night Run

After my first 12km run, I felt like i have to push myself further. With support and encouragement from my running buddies, we signed up for the Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run. The 12km track is much more challenging as there were long stretches of uphills and definitely my kryptonite. Our tactic was to brisk walk and not to run when we are going uphill but since the uphills were at a longer stretch we had to run up some of them..

The track is a bit challenging as some parts are really dark and the spotlights that they had on didnt really help when we were running facing it as it was a bit of a glare.

It was also a bit cramped as at some parts, runners both for 12km and 21km had to run together running both one way and the opposing direction. It was mentally challenging as we see other runners running the other side and have no idea how far is the u-turn.

There were also no indication of how far we needed to run and that is a bit demotivating.

Other than that, it is quite well organized. Water stations are provided every 3.5km of the run, medal and goodie bag collection was neatly organized, and a few food truck was heaven at the end of the run.

This time around i wore a not-so-comfortble pants (yoga pants not really ideal for running) hence have vowed to get compression pants for future running events.

Ahh..before i forget, night run is a bit trickier than morning run and not suitable for some people. Not really my cup of tea. Really had to control my breathing as oxygen levels were lower. And for morning run, when you finish the run you feel pumped up, but for nightrun you just want to sleep after because al your energy has been drained. Kesimpulan, more morning runs for me.

Til next runs then xoxo


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