Pre-India solo trip.

A curiosity, a plane ticket, and there I was heading to the birth place of Yoga. Never in my wildest dream that I’ll end up going to India, yet there I was, alone, making my way not to just India, but northern India, a placed called Rishikesh, an hour flight from New Delhi.

The plan was to go with one of the organizers but she couldn’t make it and only told me that on the day scheduled to fly. I was so taken aback that I didn’t know what to do. Being a very timid person, I have never solo travelled. A hundred and one thought popped up in my head of how am I going to survive this. Do I go? Do I cancel my trip?

So there I was on the morning before my flight to New Delhi, accommodation not booked, interconnecting flight to Rishikesh not in order (because I was just banking on that lady who should’ve accompanied me), holding it together saying I have to do this.

A certain kind of sickwave hit me when  I was at the airport and waiting for my flight. Having no plans upon landing in New Delhi, I made some reservation for a place to stay once I land, a sort of comfort knowing at least where to go first thing I land.

So before I continue further, I have to say that I am glad I didn’t cancel the trip, met a lot of beautiful people, understood myself a little bit better, and guess what,  I was the ONLY Malaysian at the International Yoga Festival, which means I was the ambassador for Malaysia, which was pretty cool. More of my experience in India and Yoga Festival soon as it’s daybreak, got to get up and running. Have a great day humans.




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