Atomy Healthy Glow Base

People have been noticing the improvement in my skin, she(my skin) is quite manja these days. In my thirties I must admit that I struggle a lot with dry skin and fine lines. I started introducing Atomy’s healthy glow base to my skin and I think she likes it. She is showing sign of improvement where lines are becoming less visible and dryness is not a problem anymore.

This treasure has a 3 in 1 function; primer, moisturiser & sunscreen.  I have been using this slightly more than a month now and:

  • Yes :noticeable change.
  • Yes :I won’t leave home without it.
  • Yes :I would purchase again.
  • Yes :I would really commend it to you humans 😘

Product features and ingredients are as shown below.

Join Atomy for free, and get this for only RM 56 (member price). PM me to join the membership. No strings attached 😉

I will be reviewing other products from Atomy so watch this space guys. You might find something you might like.

Alternatively, follow @atomynme on



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